Gianduja Chocolate


Gianduja chocolate is one of the most popular confections around the world. Its three basic ingredients, (sugar, cocoa and hazelnuts) have stayed exactly the same throughout time, but international chocolatiers are giving their own creative twist to this classic that now comes in all shapes, forms and recipes.

Gianduja can be enjoyed as a spreadable cream to be slayed on toasted bread, added on top of ice-creams or even eaten with a spoon directly from the jar. If you prefer a solid form, now many chocolate makers are creating bars of pure gianduja, a solid block entirely made out of this soft paste that will fast melt in your hands.

Or you can enjoy gianduja in its most historical form, like a giandujotto: a small soft chocolate in the shape of an upside-down boat individually wrapped. Regarding the ingredients, you will find minimalist recipes that only include 3 ingredients (dairy-free) or richer creations with the inclusion of milk or plant-based milk for extra creaminess, or the addition of whole hazelnuts for extra crunchiness and nutty flavour.

For the fine palates, the most exquisite gianduja chocolate creations are made in craft chocolate kitchens. In New Zealand, craft chocolate maker Hogarth Chocolate won several international awards for his GIANDUIA Dark Hazelnut bar with 45% cocoa and 30% hazelnuts. Then there is the HAZELNUT GIANDUJA (No Dairy) bar by Chocolate Tree in Scotland, which combines Peruvian cacao from the Piura region with fine hazelnuts from Piedmont. In Italy, Aruntam Chocolate makes a DARK GIANDUJA with Piemonte Hazelnuts and 45% fine Arriba Nacional cacao from Ecuador.

Although gianduja is delicious in all its forms and shapes, don’t forget to always read the ingredients list: the hazelnut content should be at least 30%, followed by fine flavor cacao and minimal ingredients to make the nutty and roasted flavor of the hazelnuts shine through.



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