The French art of chocolate tasting

TimingMorning is preferable, when one’s discernment of taste is at its zenith.

The perfect temperature for sampling chocolate ranges between 65°-68°F degrees (18°-20°C), ideal for releasing all the cocoa’s subtle aromas. Any cooler and the aromas will not fully blossom, any warmer and the sugar flavors crest to an unbalanced degree, the imbalance intensifying further when meeting the warmth of your mouth.

Just the right amountWe enjoy tasting in small quantities -- and then tasting again (and again). It is essential to avoid over indulging, thereby overpowering your taste buds.


The aroma
High quality chocolate maintains a strong scent from the cocoa. Your sense of smell is indispensable in evaluating fine chocolate and savoring the experience.
The tasteOur experience tells us that flavor that lingers in your mouth is a sign of excellent quality. By contrast, rapid diminishment of taste suggest either the use of commonplace cocoa lacking aromatic structure, or use of acidic cocoa, initially pleasing to the palate but lacking the depth of character to last.

The texture
An exceptional chocolate must melt in your mouth effortlessly, reflecting a high content of pure cocoa butter. A silky, smooth texture enhances the tasting experience immeasurably.


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