Oialla: Extend the knowledge of the wild bean.

Oialla is exquisite organic chocolate made from wild-growing cocoa trees in the Amazon Jungle. Oialla has won several awards and it is sold to top restaurants and only the best chocolateshops around the world sell these bars.
There is traceability from harvest of the chocolate beans until selling the chocolate.
Rasmus Bo Bojesen is the man behind Oialla. He has worked as an apprentice at the chocolatier Bernachon in Lyon. Bernachon is one of the four remaining family owned chocolate companies
left in France - and probably the most well known.

When Oialla started in 2010 few paid attention to bean-to-bar or single origin chocolate. Today ambitious chocolatiers and companies have realised the potential of knowing where the cocoa comes from. Using wild cocoa gives us the oppurtunity to create an exclusive chocolate while caring for the environment and the indigenous people of Baures, Bolivia.

The Beniano beans come from the world's original cocoa trees with roots dating back to the pre-Columbian cultures. The green and yellow cocoa fruits have never been grown, cultivated, fertilized or treated with herbicides. They are more than organic.
Criollo is certainly vulnerable to environmental changes. The Beniano beans from the old trees have an amazing taste and are indeed the ultimate beans for chocolate. They must be among the purest cocoa beans in the world.

We are so lucky to follow Oialla in Belgium for the first time available in Kortrijk:

Oialla 100% is our purest chocolate.
Oialla 100% is a chocolate that very much challenges the taste buds. It suits both desserts and savoury dishes as a spice or fragrant garnish – or a wonderfully rich cup of hot chocolate.
The flavour is intense and yet very mild for a 100% chocolate. The taste lingers and offers a full-bodied cocoa aroma with a mild acidity and notes of minerals, lime and almonds.

Oialla 78% chocolate.

Oialla 78% is a darker version of the original Oialla chocolate. The difference lies in the 6% lower sugar content and a slightly different roasting process, which give it a deeper, darker cocoa flavour. The chocolate has a low acidity and enticing notes of fruits such as peach, apricot, blackberries, prunes and red stone fruits.
Enjoy Oialla 78% whenever you want a deep, intense and dominant chocolate flavour.

Oialla's 46% chocolate

Oialla milk chocolate contains 46% cocoa, organic whole milk and Brazilian cane sugar. Compared to other, classic milk chocolates Oialla 46% contains a high percentage of cocoa, which gives it a more intense chocolate taste.
Thus, it is not too sweet, and that is what makes it completely different from many other milk chocolates. Try the Oialla 46% if you are ready to challenge your concept of milk chocolate.

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