Dick Taylor Treasures.

The first time I heard of and tasted Dick Taylor Chocolate was with one of my chocolatefriends Sara, a nice and fine chocolate lover and much more, a connoisseur of really good chocolate!
I must admit I never heard of Dick Taylor and I'm always glad to receive good information, and good chocolate of course.

What convinced me was the following I found on there website: ...Great chocolate will only be as good as the raw materials you put into it. No amount of processing will be able to cover up for poor quality beans.  The work of the chocolate maker rests on the foundation of carefully selected ingredients.  For us, this has been one of the most exciting aspects of our craft

So I contacted Adam Dick (end of May 2012) the chocolate maker/owner of thise very small (USA) brand.

Some fragments of my conversation with Adam:
...the oppertunity to taste your chocolate a month ago and we loved it from the start, so I was wondering if you should be pleased (just like we should of course) to have the bars sold at my place in Belgium.
We should be very honored to support you and love to share the wonderfull chocolate at my clients as one of the best tasted this year...
I was very grateful with the respons of Adam:
...We are so excited you liked our chocolate, and would be happy to have 
it at your shop.  Attached, you will find our current price list.  It 
also shows the bars that we currently have in stock.  We also have a 
75% Bolivia that we were able to source a limited supply of.  Let us 
know what you think and hopefully we can get an order sent out to you.

Adam Dick.

So no time wasted and ordering good chocolate is always one of my favorite things to do, like buying Christmas presents for myself :-)

Receiving and opening a box of Dick Taylor Crafted Chocolate

Presentations of Dick Taylor's bars.
Black Fig:
dark, rich black mission figs paired with our Ecuador highlight the tobacco and tar flavors of the fig.
Sounds good and tastes better.

Black Fig:
dark, rich black mission figs paired with our Ecuador highlight the tobacco and tar flavors of the fig.

 Fleur de Sel:
Dominican Republic paired with a sublte and delicate hand-harvested french sea salt. strong and robust.

 74% Dominican Republic: strong limey bitterness with red wine and tobacco notes.

 70% Ecuador:   mild and floral with earthy undertones.
Bolivian beans for there NEW chocolate (not available for my order).
Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor
chocolate makers 
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate | 5301 Boyd Rd. Arcata, CA 95521 | (707)843-9255 | craftchocolate@gmail.com

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