The Chocolate Curse

Thanks to Estanich Grant Pinilla for sharing this on his FBpage.

The rusty nails flavor of the CCN51 + both sides of the coin... Still trying to convince the world that the solution is the CCN51 (Don Homero Cocoa)? (Maybe for those who don´t care about neither the farmers nor consumers! Cost-reducing the natural genetic diversity, flavors and aromas of our heirloom varieties! Paying the same crappy prices to the farmers with the excuse of incremental volumes...You Gotta be kidding me!!!!! Thanks god that still there is people out there who cares!

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zich geïrriteerd aan het voelen inBogota (stad).

feel free to listen an visit this site to see what's about...
The world is running out of chocolate.

Cocoa is in short supply. Demand is way up, thanks to China and India developing a taste for the sweet stuff. Producing more cocoa isn't so easy. Cocoa is a fussy plant. It doesn't grow in very many places and it gets diseases really easily.

Today on the show, we learn about one man in Ecuador who came up with an answer to the global cocoa shortage. A warning here; if you're a die-hard chocolate lover, you might not like it.

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