Letterpress Los Angeles Craft Chocolate.

Founded in 2014, LetterPress Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate company which features single-origin, and in many cases single-project cacao from around the world. There goal is to forge direct relationships with farmers and co-ops who feature truly exceptional cacao, to pay a premium and help raise the quality of life.

Good to know:
Why LetterPress?
We love the handcrafted feel of letterpress printing and are docents at the Internatonal Printing Museum in Carson, CA – the largest print museum in the world. We’ve been very fortunate to train under veteran graphic designers and letterpress printers since we started volunteering there. We found that chocolate making and letterpress printing are our two passions that can work together in similar ways. Hence the name.

We love chocolate.
But we don’t love how most chocolate tastes the same – artificial, full of sugar and vanillin. We want you to experience the subtle differences in each region we work with, like coffee or wine. To that end, we source and roast cacao beans that are truly exceptional – not only in flavor, but featuring a truly ethical, sustainable supply chain. We travel to meet farmers in person at the source – Peru, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, and beyond. We’re always looking for new ways to help farmers and small co-ops out, and with us, you can help too! We pay a premium to the farmers to encourage them to keep growing fantastic, lower-yielding and delicate cacao, rather than tearing out and planting bulk over-productive commodity cacao or other crops. Cacao is the future. And LetterPress will help build it. We’ve begun the process of selecting farms we truly believe in – not just buying cacao, but actually investing with them and taking an active role in cultivation. Sending equipment and expertise on site, our goal is to make the best chocolate in the world, in a fully 
sustainable and transparent way.

New cacao fermentary with Asociación Ak’ Tenamit students at Izabal Agroforest in Guatemala (January 2016)

So this is one of the reasons we started to buy there chocolate bars, I want people to realise that a small batch bean to bar chocolate is not just a candy store sweet, but is real passion for the fruit and the people behind the cocoabeans.

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Available in Belgium Kortrijk 

L.A.'s Best Chocolate Comes From a Living Room in Beverlywood

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