Me and Original Beans.

My first Original Beans Chocolates.

Original Bean is an ethical chocolate company producing fantastic tasting bars, they also had for sale boxes of single origin chocolates made for them exclusivly by Geert Vercruysse using their very own chocolate.

This was a great possibility for me to work for Philipp Kauffmann and Original Beans and it worked. Thanks to great a collaboration with Vera Hofmann and friends.

ganache dark Porcelana 75% PIURA RIVER VALLEY
Tasting notes: kumquat, lime, apricot, raspberry, flavors and notes of toasted pecan.

pure ganache CRU VIRUNGA 70%
Zingi with ripe morello cherries steeped in cassis, smoky tobacco and forest floor notes, great smoothness lenght and nuance.

pure ganache 68% BENI WILD HARVEST Tasting notes: sun-dried cranberries, melon, subtle tropical fruit notes, hints of jasmine tea, delicate yet distinct, wonderfully round flavour and long finish.

Visit of Philipp and OB friends at my place july 2011:

I have the feeling we could do much more for each other in the future and have the people the possibility to enjoy our chocolate(s).
Geert  the perfection of making chocolate like a Swiss watch.


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