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New not only as couverture Danta http://cocoaskiss.blogspot.com/2011/09/why-guatemala-why-danta.html but also as bars in the shop and this for Belgium.

Solid chocolate bars with Mayan glyph and stone decorations.  Approximate net weight:  50 grams. 

Finca Las Acacias 70%  pure cacao
This beautiful property located in the edges of Escuintla and Suchitepéquez, produces one of the most unusual and delicious Guatemala cocoas. A mix of cocoas Creoles and hybrids produce intense, fruity and very particular tastes.

In the words of a chocolate expert, "If there is something that approximates to perfect chocolate, Danta Acacias is him."

With one production exceeding the 50 tonnes of cocoa from world-class Las Acacias is one of the biggest producers in the country.
Finca Las Ujuxtes 70% pure cacao
The Ujuxtes, located in San Antonio Suchitepequez, cannot be regarded as one of the most beautiful of Guatemala. With spectacular views of the volcanoes, Atitlan, and its rich volcanic soil, the Ujuxtes produces an exceptional cocoa, with intense chocolate flavors and aromas, with notes of tobacco and olives.

All varieties of chocolate we produce of the finca Los Ujuxtes, are characterized by their intensity, great aroma and beautiful appearance. A worthy representative of the historic Guatemalan cacao.

Forget about the other Chuao's!
This is my favorite bar from all the Chuao's.
FLAVOR PROFILE: Red & Black: strawberries, blueberries, currants, plums; licorice & molasses;

And there is the white with cacao nibs and vanilla, quitte special and a treat for everyone.

€ 4.00 each and only € 5.00 for the magnificent Chuao
sharp & intense with pervasive, reverberating finish.


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