Chocolates at Londons Chocolate Week 10 - 16 October

First of all, I do not make my own chocolat, this is a profession for the chocolate maker and this chocolate maker need the perfect equipment to make the perfect chocolate. He need the skill, the passion and more important he has to find the good beans and this with the cooporation from the farmer and the people who are involved with this whole proces.
After visiting some chocolate factory's its rather obligate to say as chocolatier and patissier: stay at your own domain and search for the best chocolates made by the best chocolate makers in the world.

One of the nice things is creating chocolates with couverture of new companies or new batches to taste their flavors for the first time, again and again, not as a chocolate bar, but in a sublime bonbon.
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So for the Chocolate Week in London I made bonbons for Original Beans, thanks to Philipp Kauffmann the owner of the company OB.
In the boxes of "6"bonbons you find: the Piura Porcelana 75%, Beni Wild Harvest 66% and the Cru Virunga 70%. These chocolates are enrobed in darkversion with the sublime Marañón Fortunato N°4 , for the milkversion I used the Guanaja Lactée 41% the finest of Valrhona.
In the boxes of "12"bonbons you find the same collecion but then twice the pleasure of each...

These Original Beans chocolates I made also for Patricia from La fromagerie, so if you are not able to visit the Chocolate Week you may find them at LA FROMAGERIE, 2-6 Moxon Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4EW Tel: +44 (20) 7935 0341
Succes in finding them, enjoy.
Geert Vercruysse

PS see next news for more sweets at La Fromagerie

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