Madre Hawaiian fresh delivery chocolate.

One of the two received boxes chocolate bars of Madre.

Delicious and Original Chocolate Bars Currently Available 
Amaranth Crunch
Triple Cacao
Candied Hibiscus
Pink peppercorn & sea salt
Rosita de Cacao
Single Estate Hawaiian
Hawaiian Passion Fruit 70% Dark
Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger 55% Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is made with cacao purchased directly from an organic farm cooperatives in Central America and Hawaii and crafted from bean to bar in small batches. Our processing preserves a high level of healthy antioxidants and provides a rich delightful flavor. 

At Madre Chocolate we use a selection of traditional fruits and spices of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, and Barra tribes of Central America that invented chocolate, to both celebrate their cultural heritage and bring you delicious original flavors that few have had the privilege of tasting…until now.

Madre revives that great tradition by enlivening the cacáo orchards & the growers there through assiduous bean selection & preparation of bars or beverages using heirloom recipes... astutely drawing on Mesoamerica's past to vault chocolate into the future. To top it all off, their craft flavor seals the deal & convinces everyone that re-imagining cacáo is for real.” - Mark Christian, The C-spot, read full review of our triple cacao bars

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