zaterdag 18 september 2021

We source more than just cacao.

We source more than just cacao.  

We are passionate about cacao and therefore we source specialty cacao with an identity, building meaningful partnerships and connecting amazing cacao producers & passionate chocolate makers.



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woensdag 1 september 2021

Say hello to our newest family member: ESMERALDAS 50% VEGAN M!LK

 Say hello to our newest family member:

                                            ESMERALDAS 50%
                                                 VEGAN M!LK

Finally we can share big news with you! From TODAY our brand new chocolate "Esmeraldas 50% Vegan M!lk" is available! A vegan m!lk chocolate to take home: incredibly creamy, delicate, climate-positive. It consists of only three natural ingredients: rare Ecuadorian Arriba cacao from our Esmeraldas cloud forest project, Spanish Guara almonds from small organic growers near Alicante, and raw cane sugar from our organic Fairtrade co-op in Paraguay. Best of all: The Esmeraldas 50% is absolutely delicious and offers a vegan alternative to all those who love real milk chocolate.

Whether you're eating more vegan for the sake of the environment, your health, or animals - you have the power to change the world. You decide which chocolate and foods you consume.

On our own we grow a regenerative company. Together we can regenerate what we consume.

Taste the rare and preserve it!