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Spices of Life - Bean to Bar: Taza Chocolate

'Its starting to look a lot like Christmas'

Patisserie Vercruysse Winter Collection

Dark chocolates December & January

Cocoa Powder Vs. Cacao Powder

Een cruciale dimensie: passie!

The History of Cakes

Fine Criolla Cacao...

Chocolade pro's: Heilzame effecten. deel 3 (herhaling, op aanvraag)

Chocolade pro's en contra's. deel 2 (herhaling, op aanvraag)

Chocolade pro's en contra's. deel 1 (herhaling op aanvraag)

Cacau biológico do Brasil vira chocolate suíço

Brasil makes the difference!

Amsterdam - Origin Chocolate Conference

This chocolate travel story is a tiny, excited, anxious tale of discovery.

finding fine chocolate: Do You Buy Theo Chocolate Bars for Good or Flavor?...

Mignonetten eten voor de wetenschap.

Origin Chocolate Event October 16th and 17th Amsterdam 2012 (part one).