donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Chocolate Selection October, November 2012. (milk version).

Grenada 053_Big.jpg

These are the fresh chocolates for September and October, here you find only the chocolates enrobed with the couverture 38% Grenada made by Felchlin.

Grand Cru couverture from the „Grenada Selection“ noble cacao originating in Grenada.

This milk chocolate intertwines a balanced cacao note with the mellowness of fruity floral honey. The profile is rounded through the harmony of milk caramel accompanied by a mild, slightly spicy, sweet vanilla finish.

Original Beans, Cru Virunga Congo 70% dark ganache.

El Ceibo Bolivia 71% dark ganache.

Daintree Estate Australia​ 70% dark ganache.

Pralus Colombie 70% & coffee nibs, dark ganache.

Madre chocolate Hawai Hamakua 70% with dried cocoa pulp.

Praliné: pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts.

Praliné: à l'ancienne with crunchy almonds & hazelnuts.

Praliné: 70% hazelnuts & almonds.

Daintree Estates 45% ganache "pure".

woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Leaving on holiday tomorrow, so no new post for the moment.

L'heure des vacances et d'un repos bien mérité est arrivé pour la majorité d'entre nous, dès notre retour, je suis à votre disposition pour redémarrer du bon pied avec de nouvelles idées.

Holiday and a well deserved rest time arrived for the majority of us, upon our return, I am at your disposal to restart full energy and with new ideas.