Chocolate Selection October, November 2012. (milk version).

Grenada 053_Big.jpg

These are the fresh chocolates for September and October, here you find only the chocolates enrobed with the couverture 38% Grenada made by Felchlin.

Grand Cru couverture from the „Grenada Selection“ noble cacao originating in Grenada.

This milk chocolate intertwines a balanced cacao note with the mellowness of fruity floral honey. The profile is rounded through the harmony of milk caramel accompanied by a mild, slightly spicy, sweet vanilla finish.

Original Beans, Cru Virunga Congo 70% dark ganache.

El Ceibo Bolivia 71% dark ganache.

Daintree Estate Australia​ 70% dark ganache.

Pralus Colombie 70% & coffee nibs, dark ganache.

Madre chocolate Hawai Hamakua 70% with dried cocoa pulp.

Praliné: pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts.

Praliné: à l'ancienne with crunchy almonds & hazelnuts.

Praliné: 70% hazelnuts & almonds.

Daintree Estates 45% ganache "pure".

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