Love The Planet: Love Chocolate, Original Beans.

Almost two years ago I first heared about the chocolate brand Original Beans, it was Erik Saüer who shared me some of this fine chocolate. It was some kind of "coup de foudre", love at first bite, you could say.
The packaging, the rarest cacao beans used in there bars, the crisp snap and luscious melt with vived fruit notes. Then I realised this was more than just chocolat, it was somekind of match with farmers'co)ops to preserve the rainforest biodiversity in which the best cacao trees thrive.
So a commitment was born: with each purchase, you contribute to the replenishment of these forests and protect original beans for the future generations.
One bar plants one tree.

WHO IS ORIGINAL BEANS?  Well, the people behind the scenes are an eclectic bunch, that not only share a deep passion for sustainable farming which, for them, is a matter of fact, but relish in the sweet treats of the Tropics and the conservation of our world’s threatened rainforests. Their motto is: “The Planet: Replant It”.

As if inspired by his pioneering forefathers, who back in 1791 wrote “any wise forest management must use the forest in such a way that generations thereafter can draw at least as much advantage from it as the presently living generation has.” And also coined the German term ”Nachhaltigkeit” which translates into sustainability.

So it’s no wonder that Philipp Kauffmann left his UN job in New York to co-found Original Beans in 2008 as a synthesis of his career as an entrepreneur and passionate conservationist. (he is also a really nice guy who actually cares).

WHAT IS  ORIGINAL BEANS?   Original Beans is an award-winning chocolate and conservation company founded on the simple idea that what we consume we must replenish. For every bar you buy, local cocoa farmers plant one tree that can be tracked on Original Beans engages consumers to join in direct rainforest conservation … after you have fallen in love with one of the world’s finest chocolates.      

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL?   Each bar of Original Beans begins with original cacaos of the forests of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and DR Congo. The one-of-a-kind recipes are developed directly from the distinct flavour profile of the particular cacao bean. Roasted in small batches and then conch the covertures on centuries old machines in Switzerland, sometimes for several days—all to preserve the rich taste and terroir of the original cacao.

The company infuses the principles of quality and traceability through every phase of the supply cycle and chocolate production. All cocoa beans are fair-trade (direct-trade, actually) and organic certified. Original Beans packaging is 100% biodegradable and can be composted. The product lifecycle is monitored to minimize and offset any climate effects caused in production through direct replanting efforts. Original Beans strives to become the first certified climate-friendly chocolate company by 2011.

War, Gorillas & Great Chocolate by Philipp Kauffman                               


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