To me chocolate is my obsession.: Daintree Estates chocolate, first Australian-origin chocolate in the world.


To me chocolate is my obsession.: Daintree Estates chocolate, first Australian-origin chocolate in the world.
Daintree Estates e-News March 2012
Flying High 'Smuggled' to Europe
If you're flying with Jetstar during March, take a moment to turn to page 68 of the inflight Jetstar Magazine where Daintree Estates is proudly featured. Read about the pioneers of the Australian cocoa industry and share the passion they have for Daintree Estates. Even top chefs at exotic tropical holiday destinations in far North Queensland are singing the praises of our delicious chocolate, creating some mouth-watering recipes of their own from it! Download the full article from our website and share it with your friends:
From the Queensland Premier Daintree Estates was delighted to receive a letter from the Premier of Queensland, The Honorable Anna Bligh. The Premier offered her congratulations on the launch of Daintree Estates chocolate. Read the letter

In early December 2011, just one month after Daintree Estates was introduced to the world in Port Douglas, an inconspicuous plain package made its way through customs in a suitcase from Sydney International Airport on its way to the eager hands of top chocolatier Geert Vercruysse in Belgium. Read his story here Patisserie Vercruysse is the only stockist of Daintree Estates chocolate outside Australia... so far. The first Belgian bonbon made from Daintree Estates chocolate

Feel the Looove Welcome to Victoria Hats off to SkySafari Australia who were the first to treat Valentine's Day lovers to the world's newest chocolate, fresh from the exotic environs of tropical Far North Queensland. The passion of the community in Far North Queensland towards Daintree Estates chocolate is heartfelt and most generous. We would like to thank you for your enormous support! View the full size brochure Okay, we'll admit we can't keep a secret for very long. Somebody in Melbourne heard about Daintree Estates chocolate and now we have several stockists in Victoria, with more on the way. Our new Melbourne sales rep started recently and is already clocking up the kilometres around Melbourne. To make things easier, we've now added a page full of retail outlets where you can find Daintree Estates chocolate in Queensland, Victoria ...and Belgium. Where to buy Daintree Estates chocolate

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