Chocolates Selection May, June & July.

Bolivia 38% 48h
Cru Sauvage couverture made of wild, noble cacao from the province of Beni, Bolivia
Flavour profile:
The sensory experience of this unique milk couverture opens with a mild cacao note. The following milk caramel taste is accented through the slightly sweet taste of marzipan. The traditional gentle manufacturing process (48 hours conching) brings out the pleasant malty spruce honey flavour which then finishes on a prolonged slightly spicy vanilla note.
Ready to start melting this wonderfull milkchocolate

Marzipan 43% Lubeca & Felchlin Bolivia milk 38%

Summerbird 90% & Felchlin Bolivia milk 38%

Coppeneur 65% dark Chili & Felchlin Bolivia milk 38%

Felchlin Maracaibo Criolait 38% & cacaonibs
Felchlin Java 64% & Comets Tail pepper Java Akesson's
Greanada Chocolate Company 71%
Original Beans Cru Virunga Congo 70%
Felchlin Java 64% pure
El Ceibo 70% & awarded Bolivian coffee 
Praliné Intens almonds - hazelnuts & spices
Praliné almonds, hazelnuts & pistachio
Felchlin Maracaïbo Créole 49% & orange blossom
Felchlin Centenario concha 70% & hint of chilli
Felchlin Republic Domenica bio 42%
Daintree Australian Estate 70%
Clear box of 12 Selection, a treat for chocolate lovers

Enrobing with Felchlin 38% Beni Wild 

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