MAYTA: genuine chocolate from Ecuador, finally in Belgium, Kortrijk.

From Ecuador´s ancient past, Mayta Chocolate brings you the brilliant flavors of Ecuador’s finest heritage cacao – made at the source, from the source. Journey and discover the lost treasure of Ecuador´s Arriba Nacional cacao. Single origin, pure Nacional beans, the finest ingredients, and delicate and careful processing.

Chocolate Tasting Mayta

Every Mayta Chocolate is a treasure brought to you from Ecuador’s pre-Columbian past.

Our bars are 100% made in Ecuador, and contain only pure Arriba Nacional beans and pure cane sugar, reflecting the true flavor of Ecuador’s premium cacao.

Our gourmet chocolate is produced under strict quality control in a certified organic facility, adding value in country to this exceptional chocolate.

Sourced directly from Ecuador’s finest cacao producers, our Nacional cacao is delicately processed in-country, coaxing out the true flavor of chocolate. Carefully combined with pure cane sugar and unadulterated with additives, the genuine flavor of each region shines distinctively in each of our single origin bars. Mayta chooses exclusive beans from Ecuador’s best cooperatives, carefully ferments and roasts them, then delicately processes the beans to create one of the world’s finest chocolate
Presentation in our shop at Kortrijk

Puerto Quito – Smooth and subtle, this 55% bar has hints of cinnamon and caramel, and soft, lingering chocolate flavors.

Puerto Quito 55% bar with Pink Salt.

Amazon - 65% bar, made with beans from the Amazon, has notes of the perfectly fermented fruit that is cacao, earthy undertones, and a deep yet subtle chocolate flavor. For those looking for something more on the dark side, but not too intense, you’ll find the perfect balance in our 65% Amazon bar.

The71% Esmeraldas bar is produced with beans from remote areas in Ecuador’s northern province. This bar bursts with deep, rich, and solid chocolate flavor. Surprisingly, this dark bar has no bitterness, making it approachable even for those who traditionally shy away from dark chocolate.
Esmeraldas 71% bar with crystallized Ginger.

Pichincha/Puerto Quito – Descending from Ecuador’s highlands, beans sourced from Puerto Quito reflect Ecuador’s volcanic past. Growing near the cloud forests in Ecuador’s tropical wetlands, these beans are harvested by small farmers, in groves supporting coffee, citrus, banana, and other tropical delicacies.

Amazon/ Napo - Straight from the origin of cacao’s distant past, our Amazon beans come from a special cooperative of growers in Ecuador’s Tena region. Harvested carefully by hand from farms around the Napo river, our Amazon chocolate is as pure as it comes.

Esmeraldas – Esmeraldas’ region beans come from one of the most remote parts of Ecuador. From deep within the interior of Ecuador’s coastal plains, Esmeraldas’ beans are rich, fruity, and lively, reflecting the culture and heritage of the zone.

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