Fresco, how chocolate should be.

Owner and chocolate maker Rob Anderson doesn’t make chocolate, he crafts each bar, skillfully arranging—by roasting, conching, tempering—the flavor notes of the bean, allowing them to be fully expressed. The result is remarkable in its complexity, the delivery impressive. Yes, it’s that good. To take a single origin bean, vary its roasting and conching time, changes the chemistry—the flavor-- of that bean. This is the hallmark of Fresco Chocolate.

Since a few weeks I'm lucky to have this wonderfull chocolate in my store in Belgium, Kortrijk.
Exceptional chocolate is created through a series of events. Change any one event and the outcome is a new creation. Fresco artisan chocolate makers meticulously control these events, changing them purposefully to create new chocolate experiences. They make only pure, dark chocolate using three ingredients: cocoa beans,cane sugar, and cocoa butter. The collection is free of dairy, nut, soy and gluten.
Look at Fresco’s packaging. You will notice a recipe number, a level of roasting (light, medium, dark) and then length of the conch (none, subtle, medium, long). Take a bar of Fresco’s Papa New Guinea recipe #219, 69% dark chocolate, whose bean has been lightly roasted with a medium conche, then compare it with Papa New Guinea #220 (winner of the 2013 Good Foods award), 69% dark chocolate, medium roast and conche. Taste the difference in flavor finessed from the same bean.

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