Wellington Chocolate Factory (according Bernardini)


WCF on page 813-814 in the Chocolate - The Reference Standard - of Georg Bernardini.

Processing stage: Bean-to-Bar
Price category: €€€€€

The enterprice was already founded in 2010 by Rochelle Harrison and Gabe Davidson, the first chocolates, however were presented to the public in 2013. Rochelle Harrison's passion for chocolate was inspired by her 19-year activity as confectioner and pâtissier.Back in 2008 she began with research to be able to produce chocolate straight from the bean.
Gabe Davidson spend 13 years in Melbourne, Australia, where he founded several Cafés and a coffee roastery. He returned to Wellington, to bring the new enterprise into being, together with Rochelle Harrison. Both founders are passionately engaged in the hospitality industry and in the food industry.

Product ratings
Dark: Peru Norandino 70%
Points: 94.40
Produced with beans from the harvest of 2014. These are white Criollo cocoa beans of the variety Piura. Mild and pleasantly tart with a somewhat slow full-bodied and fine melt.Very nicely balanced and with wonderful flavors of apricots, honey and cashew kernels.

Dark: Madagascar Somia (Akesson) plantation 70%
Points: 92.60
The beans are from the harvest of 2013. Mild-tart, with pleasant fruity acidity and with a fine melt. Very long lasting flavors, the fruity sweetness dominates in the finish. With flavors of red berries and plums.
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Dark: Dominican Republic 70%
Points: 89.50
Produced with beans from the harvest of 2013. In the beginning with a distinct (fruity) acidity and also astringent, tart to slightly bitter. With a very fine and well balanced melt. Towards the middle and during the finish the sweetness increasesand the flavors of jam, citrus fruits and earthy notes.

Milk/ Coconut Milk Chocolate 52%
Points: 88.50
Strong vegan milk chocolate, which contains coconut instead of milk powder and also coconutsugar (from Java, Indonesia). With an intensive cocoa character and a good flavor of coconut. A somewhat softer consistency cream, slightly sticky and with a somewhat rough mouthfeel. With flavors of cocoa, coconut, malt and caramel.

Flavored: Salted Brittle Caramel 70%
Points: 85.40
Dark chocolate flavored with sprinkled on salted caramel sprinkles. The chocolate is a blend of various cocoa varieties and is just as excellent as the oure chocolates. The caramel sprinkle harmonizes very well with the tart chocolate and also the salt can be tasted distinctly.

The chocolates have turned out absolutely superbly and the company has mastered the leap into the world-class of chocolatemanufacturers with bravery. If the selection were a little broader and if one could sustain a certain continuity, Wellington Chocolate Factory would be the first candidate for the accolade with six cocoa fruits.Even the current raiting with five cocoa fruits and the very convincing individual ratings are a damned good start into the industry for a novice.

AVAILABLE IN KORTRIJK BELGIUM just mail me and I send you WCF

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