Pump Street Bakery seriously know their chocolate!

The chocolatiers at Suffolk’s Pump Street Bakery seriously know their stuff, and have the awards to prove it. Using single origin beans from Venezuela, Ecuador, Madagascar, Grenada, Jamaïca and Honduras, Pump Street offers high cocoa content chocolate as well as flavours influenced by their bakery, like the sourdough and sea salt bar and the rye crumb, milk, and sea salt. Find out more about Pump Street Bakery here.

Since a few weeks this wonderfull chocolate bars are available in Belgium on two different locations: 
In our shop in Kortrijk 

Images taken at patisserie Vercruysse Kortrijk Belgium
Printed handout for Pump Street Bakery Chocolate - taking you through the stages of the bean to bar process. Pump Street Bakery complete every step themselves in Suffolk.

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