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After a visit of Bob, Iris and there kids (in Kortrijk), we are convinced of there goodness in the chocolate world!
Like many craft makers, for Iris and Bob (the couple behind Solkiki) crafting chocolate from the bean is not just about creating chocolate, they are also quitte unique in how they realise these bars with such a precision and perfection.

Solkiki are a very small chocolate makers in Dorset, UK and began making micro batch, bean to bar chocolate in 2008. Solkiki's ethos is one of the most ethical, from the direct sourcing of fairly traded cocoa beans through to their use of 100% vegan, organic GMO free and dairy free ingredients. Even their workshop in Dorset is 100% renewably powered. Solkiki believe 'Quality, taste, health, sustainability and compassion can co-exist' and are creating uniquely flavoured chocolate bursting with flavour. One of the cocoa beans they use were thought to be extinct for over a century and has been genetically verified as Fortunato No.4, Pure Nacional, a very rare and exceptionally floral and intensely flavoured cocoa bean.

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What is new about us is that we have strength in depth for a chocolate maker just officially starting out; our darks, mylks and whites have all won recognition this year. We’re not afraid to experiment with new ingredients. We try to coax out flavours in cacao beans that we haven’t seen from other chocolate makers using the same beans. Our Maranon 68% for example has complex flavours of honey, raisins, florals like jasmine and sour fruit notes, pink grapefruit.  It took us a lot of failures to understand how to unlock and stabilise these flavours but it was worth it!  Pushing boundaries and cracking the bean’s flavour secrets is where the excitement lies for us.

"The best artisan chocolate in Britain! Making chocolate from bean-to-bar for years, literally showing others how to do it. We use only the best cacao on Earth, directly-traded with excellent teams worthy of our support. All vegan, our whites and milk are voted the best in the UK, in dairy competitions against dairy bars and with dairy judges...!"

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