How do you like your milk chocolate?


How do you like your milk chocolate?

According to the history of chocolate, in 1875 the Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate, which became instantly popular thanks to its creamy texture and sweet flavor. Today, around 40% of all chocolate consumed globally contains dairy.

Compared to the 19th century, in 2020 we have many more options when it comes to milk chocolate than just a classic bar that contains milk powder, sugar and at least 25-25% cocoa. Chocolate companies from around the world are getting creative to give a twist to such a classic!

Here are all the alternatives currently available on the market:

Dark Milk – it contains a higher percentage of cocoa than classic milk chocolate, anywhere between 50 and 70%. It doesn’t have the intensity of dark chocolate, neither the extreme sweetness of milk chocolate. Dark milk is the perfect starting point for milk-chocolate lovers that want to explore more intense flavors.

Vegan Milk – from the classic coconut milk to the trendiest oat milk, there is now a large plethora of choices when it comes to milk chocolate made with plant-based milks, thanks to a rising global demand. From artisanal to industrial companies, now every brand seems to have a vegan milk chocolate option in its assortment.

Flavored Milk – milk chocolate is often a great base for additional flavors that enhance the tasting experience. Fruits, nuts, sea salt, flowers, teas, grains and more! The options are truly endless to give milk chocolate a crunchy texture or a more decisive taste, or both.

Unusual Milk – not only cow’s milk or plant-based milks. Some chocolate makers are experimenting also with sheep’s, goat’s, buffalo’s and camel’s milk that give distinctive nuances to their milk chocolates.

Sugar-Free Milk – by popular demand, now chocolate brands are manufacturing milk chocolate that has no sugar added to it. For those who want to enjoy the smoothness of milk chocolate that fits in their low-sugar lifestyle.

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