Pairing chocolate and beer.


When we think of pairing chocolate with fine drinks, the first combinations that come to mind are probably chocolate & wine or chocolate & liquors (whisky, rum, tequila). But have you ever tried enjoying chocolate with beer?

It might sound odd at first, but this combination can actually offer a sublime experience, with the yeast and the hop in the beer playing beautifully with the flavors of the fine chocolate. Here are some tips to make the best out of such fun tasting:

  • To get the full flavor of the chocolate, keep the chocolate at room temperature. So, even if it is stored in the fridge, it is necessary to leave it outside for a few minutes. To get the full flavor of the beer, make sure the beer is at the right temperature for its beer style. This will help you to unveil the complete deliciousness of both.
  • It is recommended tasting the beer first before tasting the chocolate. The cleansing nature of the beer is said to enhance the flavor of the chocolate immensely.
  • A simple rule of thumb would be to pair sweet chocolate with the sweet beers and tart chocolate with the tart beers. It is necessary to use the beer which is sweeter or tarter than the chocolate. However, a contrasting flavor done right could be enjoyable as well.
  • For example, stout beers tend to be the easiest to pair with. often due to coffee and chocolate notes in their flavors. A stout beer will pair well with a higher percentage dark chocolate. Bitter ales like IPA’s pair well with a medium body dark chocolate. Avoid bitter chocolates when paring with a bitter beer, as the bitterness will become overwhelming. The high acidity in many white beers does not pair well with chocolate, but if you find white ale that isn’t overly acidic, its crisp refreshing flavor will probably pair well chocolate that has citrus notes.

Now you can have fun playing around with different brands, origins and flavors from your preferred beers and chocolates, and discover your favorite combinations!


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