Adi Chocolate Fiji, the world's purest chocolate factory is on the cacao island of Vanua Levu.

Adi Chocolate Fiji, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Tomo and Harumi Zukoshi are working toward the revitalization of the long dormant cacao trees planted and then neglected in Fiji. In 1880 the British brought many of the crops to Fiji from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), including Trinitario cacao beans from Trinidad. Later, they planted an original variety of cacao plants in Vanua Levu.
Hybrid trinitario from kitty's farm. Forgotten since 1960. Very nice nutty taste.
Adi Chocolate Fiji workers "have started to prune 50 meter high, ivy-covered, old Cundeamor Trinitario cacao, black-podded Amelonado Forastero cacao and tough, huge Calabachillo Forastero cacao with fruit bats scars." Every two weeks they harvest about 1000 to 2000 pods, which is roughly about 30 to 60 kg of the dry bean weight. After fermentation and drying, the cacao harvest is now being turned into chocolate bars for sale on their website, using only ingredients grown in Fiji.
Isn't this beautiful. Real sun dry cacao beans in front of our factory in Fiji.

Some time ago I contacted Adi Chocolate Fiji, I really found there website so amazing, I should and must have there chocolate in my property, more likely in my mouth!

So I received a few days later this mail from Tom:

Bula Geert!

Thank you for dropping us a sweet e-mail. Just like a formula one driver,
we are always amazed by chocolatier's creative clean i mmaculate work using
the cacaos grown in the many tropical rainforests.
We are very happy to have you in our mission of making Fijian Chocolate
History. We are also at the reality side in working with cacao trees to chocolate product
but no technical chocolatier skills.
I can imagine it would be interesting for you to taste our Fijian chocolate.
But to support our Fijian chocolate project, we are not able to send out sample for free
but to charge a wholesale price plus shipping fees.
IF it OK, please let me know. We have 60% Couverture block (any amount), 72% Boutique box(35g), 80% Boutique box(35g) and 85% Boutique box(35g)

kind regards,
Tom Ohito Zukoshi
Adi Chocolate Fiji

Fijian Trinitario. Pale purple seeds inside. Very thin wall but not Criollo. Its very close but the seeds are bit purple.

Surpriced I was to receive only two days later a message from Tom,so I ask the price for these chocolates, couvertures.
Prices, wath made my head giddy...
... I have just found out the DHL fee to Brussels. Here is the price:

   60% Couverture: 49.00Euro or FJ$130.00/1000g
   72% Couverture: 76.00Euro or FJ$200.00/1000g
   DHL Door to Door 2kg is 91.38Euro or FJ$232.30
   Total 216.38Euro or FJ$562.30

So first I reacted like no way!!! And I realised this is beyond my possibility, I could not tell my wife (and kids) I bought 2 kg of chocolate for 216.38 Euro!

So I told Tom about...  and his reaction:

...I understand that our chocolate is very expensive at this moment. But this is the price that we have
been supplying to our current customers.   Please understand we are still very very new and our farmers,
our farms, our production facilities are not as efficient as other dark chocolate factories.
Fiji is still at the military dictatorship from the 2008 coop, and everything is very expensive
including electricity to the Fiji made sugar.
Our current production is about 1/2 ton per month and all of the 
ingredients are also manufactured in our factory. 
We are trying to boost up our production but keeping our quality as is, then we will be able to knock down our price. 
Fiji is a new player in the chocolate market and we have a full responsibility of its voyage of making a chocolate history.  We know how to play and manipulate with trees, cacao yeast and Sun just like orchestra conductor. 
Now we are aiming to challenge into establishing our unique South Pacific chocolate culture.
I would sincere appreciation to your contact which actually realize us the way to move our path. 
Fiji has been relying other countries almost everything and Fijians have lost their pride of making products by themselves.  Your e-mail is again very proud greeting to us that world top chocolatier interests a tiny country like Fiji and our efforts of establishing chocolate culture. 
We have nearly everything here and many spices, herbs  and nuts are yet to discover.
Please keep in touch with me and witness Fiji chocolate stands up strong in Europe very near future.

I am believing that this is the beginning of our friend relationship with 
a delegate from Belgium.

Thank you, Geert and very Sweet regards to your chocolate audiences
So far no harm done, but he must have knowing me ;-) Each day I was asking myself how is this chocolate, with flavours how does it melt, etc... I'm feeling I have to go for this chocolate.
One week later I ordered 2 kg of chocolate, wath the hell, I don't smoke, I don't drink... I want this chocolate!

Open our big Yellow.
Tom have managed to discount the price:

...Hi Geert,  How are you?
I have dispatched your 2kg of chocolate yesterday.  I also put a tiny 
packet of chocolate coated trinitario beans.
I also negotiate the shipping fee and discounted to FJ$176 instead of 
$232.3 therefore I will owe you FJ$56.3.

A Month later I have the chocolate...(my mail)

Hello Tom,

I just received your packet of chocolate, or my packet of chocolate  now.-)
Thanks a LOT

This chocolate is a precious treasure for me now, its difficult to share with others if  I know they only buy pralines for having some pralines in the house, if you know wath I mean. The trinitario beans are wonderfull and I eat one a day,
the couverture 72%:  Mild cacao taste with slight aroma of frangipani and hint of lightly roasted cacao and oily nutty linger.
The 60% is sweeter and has more woody tones, bananas, ripe fruits flavours and more... 

...and a week later I produced pralines-bonbons out of it!
see next post for pictures and recipie.

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  1. You bought 2 kg of chocolate for 216.38 Eur? omg...

  2. Hello Moonweaver,
    Yes this was the amound, and you know what I do not feel guilty about it. I enjoy each single bit of it, this is how chocolate must taste. Not the taste of the chocolate we have here in Belgium of chocolate, Belgium known for it chocolate made me laugh and ad the same time sad.
    Al the brands we have here in our stores are the same, its al about commercial treaty business with countries of West-Africa.
    The real chocolate you find in the origin countries and a few others. I LOVE my chocolate and I share it only with a happy few,
    Thanks for your post, I hope you stay follow me and share my passion.

  3. Bula Geert!

    I was looking into Adi chocolate and found your blog - really helpful! It seems this entry was a few years ago now, i was wondering if you have tried Adi chocolate recently and what your opinion is of it? I too found the details on their website and love how they tell their story... it would be really great to get some feedback from you as to how this chocolate compares to others out there in the global market.

    Please let me know if you have a minutes.


    Taz (English woman setting up a business in Fiji)


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