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From David Arnold
“Quinto is named after the farmer that produces the beans for them. He is about 70years old, he doesn't know exactly how old he is.  The plantation is located at Haiti in Piragua. And the bean they use is called Hispaniola, on the Dominican Republic.  There are 146 cocoa families whom live and work there and everybody is welcome to ferment their cacao at Quinto's fermentation station.  The guy who works with the fermentation station is called Florencio and the chocolate they produce are named after him.  Quinto's idea is to have organic and fair-trade chocolate. Cacao families get paid to continue to work their plantations instead of cutting down the trees to sell as fire wood. They just launched their bars and are trying to develop everything now in 2011.”

From the Quinto website:
“Our first chocolate made ​​of beans from the Dominican Republic. They have been grown in different small-scale farmers in the area around the mountain village Piragua.  Fermentation and drying have been common in cocoa farmer Florencio. We roasted beans at about 140 degrees and then conched them 72 hours in a traditional vertical conch. Cocoa Content 71%  50-55 grams”

They make another unique product called barras:
“The name Barras was obtained from the Dominican name for their chocolate, barra de  cacao. Barra is a handmade natural product. The beans are fermented and dried in the country of origin. We then roast the unpeeled beans, determines the nature of what temperature and how long we roast. Then we add Swedish beet sugar. So natural cocoa Barras, you have never tasted”

There seem to be 5 people involved:

                            Nu är jeepen bokad för nästa tur till plantagen...
Picture thanks to Anna-sofia Wallström, facebookfriend.
Autumn 2010 edition was No. 1 in Quinto cacao chocolate. It is made ​​in cooperation with Felchlin in Switzerland and contain only cocoa beans and raw. Gefle chocolaterie website: into English by google translator)


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