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The Academy of Chocolate Awards for 2011 have been given out in April. Many of the brands and bars we sell have won awards.
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We are very proud to have received the Academy of Chocolate Award - Best Flavoured Dark Bar - Silver 2011 - for our Chocolate and Love bar: The Coffee Affair.

Some time ago (March 2011) I visited Londen to see how they are looking at chocolate and how they taste the different between supermarket chocolate and really fine, organic, fair trade and good tasting chocolate.

I was surpriced to find what I found, some very good chocolatiers and really nice people who are obsessed by chocolate more then the most of  the Chocolate Ambassadors in Belgium.

Reviewers such as LeeMcCoy, Martin Christie, Stuart Robson, Dom Ramsey and people like Jennifer Earle, Chloe Callow, Kavey Eats, Kate Johns, Richard OConnor are a true GIFT for CHOCOLATE and are really important for spreading the LOVE for thise divine food.

I was invited (by Martin Christie) to a Chocolate Tasting from Chocolate and Love company of Richard OConner and this was a start of a nice friendship with sharing chocolate and chocolates.

PRESS   April 2011   Report from The Chocolate Festival

In this month I could also participate as jury in the Chocolate Academy thanks to Dom Ramsey see:

Since then I do sell the chocolate from CHOCOLATE and LOVE:

This had a nice snap, a firm texture and was rather crunchy in the mouth as befits a strong, robust flavoured chocolate. This was an Adult X rated product for those who enjoy strong flavours, not to be taken before bedtime. The coffee flavour persists on the palate for quite some time. It was delicious and not overly sweet nor cloying.
Crushed Diamonds
55% cocoa with crunchy nibs

Filty Rich
71% cocoa pure dark

This had a good snap and a pleasant melt in the mouth texture. Orange flavouring in chocolate can easily be overdone. This bar, however, had a very pleasant true orange taste which was not in the least overpowering. It was somewhat like a seville orange, bitter and marmalady - it tasted like real fruit rather than something synthesised in a lab. It's not designed to be scoffed in large quantities, but savoured slowly - this can only be a good thing.
 About Chocolate and Love:
Chocolate and Love was created out of love for superior chocolate and a firm belief that good chocolate enjoyed in moderation should be a part of everyone's life. 

Our values:

Passion for quality and flavours!
We take pride in the products we deliver. Our suppliers are selected carefully and we only offer products that meet our high standards.

Respect for people and environment!

We want to work in harmony with the growers, our partners, our customers and the environment, 

Chocolate & Love Ltd. is founded by Richard O'Connor and Birgitte Hovmand.


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