Finally I could start with the personalised "Adi Chocolate Fiji" transfer. I ask Tom if I could use his wonderfull Adi logo and he agreed with the suggestion I did.
Great to hear that you will make Adi Chocolate there.
The logo,  if it possible, the word "Adi" need to be in between the legs.
Adi(pronounce "Andy") is a honorific title for Fijian Queen.
The logo is the worrier of the South Pacific and I add koko knife and  
traditional Fijian war club,(Fiji used to be
known as a cannibalism islands) The way this man stand is based on the 
traditional "Meke" dance (attached) fighting form just like
we are ready to harvest koko.



So I realised a intense dark ganache from the Fijian Trinitario of 72% is blended about 25% with Forastero.
The result is magnificent! The sharpness of the cocoa is so is very pure and there is a small hint of roasting on the tip of your tong when the bonbon is melting sensual in your mouth. Creamy and with the use of invertsugar so generous tasting.

I do have to contact Tom and ordering him more different couvertures soon...


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