Ananda Chocolate Ecuadorian Origin

Actually it's too hot for introducing a new chocolate to our range, but even in a hot summer the real chocolate lovers are those who can enjoy a delicious fruity chocolate at 30°C.
Ananda Ecuador Origin Chocolate

Flavours: Banana Blisfull, Bye Bye Sugar !, Chia Chic, Coffee Break, Incredible Inca Mentally Mint, Pure Ecstasy, RAW Nibs Royale.
All chocolates contain 70% to 80% cocoa mass.

Bean to Bar from Ecuador

Made of fine flavour Arriba cocoa which is sourced from Organic and Fairtrade certified cacao farmers of the Association UNOCACE. Unlike many other chocolate brands, Ananda Chocolate is processed and packaged 100% in the country of origin. This means extra employment for people in Ecuador.
Sustainably packaged in biodegradable foil, so this can go either in the ‘green bin’ with organic waste or use it in your own garden compost. The paper box is made not from wood but from a by-product of sugar cane (fiber), so there is non eed to cut down trees, the inkt is vegetable-based.

Free from…

GMOs, E-numbers, transfats, milk, gluten, artificial flavors and preservatives.

When I was contacted by Marianne van Lankvelt to have it a try, I was honestly quite suspicious because once it was another chocolate from Ecuador. There’s just no end of new chocolate cocoa farmers in Ecuador, was my first impression.
Soon I hade to revise my first opinion, I was pleasantly surprised after tasting some of their bars.

Their commitment to the cocoa farmers is a credit to all parties.

The cocoa used in Ananda Chocolate comes from 'Unión y Progeso': a cooperative of cocoa farmers who are part of the umbrella association UNOCACE.

The cocoa beans are specially selected for taste profile because different regions of Ecuador have specific taste profiles. This is the result of differences in climate and environment. Cocoa Union y Progreso can be characterized as a flowery and fruity cocoa.

Walter one of the cocoa farmes was very happy that he joined in 2002 UNOCACE he gets a higher price for his cocoa and now has a stable income.

The price even UNOCACE pay is much higher than the Fairtrade minimum price that allows Max Havelaar. This is because (Amigos International) duly pay more for good quality.
Walter works with his brother on the land where he grows bananas and oranges. 
July and June are the busiest months in the cocoa fields. Since there is no
chemical pesticides are used, other solutions must be sought to prevend the impact of monilinia, a fungal disease that as much as 70 to 80% of the crop can corrupt.

Pioneer in this field is fellow Washington.
Washington is a strong proponent of the cultivation of organic cocoa, "It is better for people and the environment." To combat the monilinia is important that biodiversity on cocoa fields. "That's why he grows here besides cocoa also avocado, orange and banana plants. Thus, the mold is less likely to strike. " An additional advantage is that it is not completely dependent on cocoa, but that other fruits can be sold on the local market.

Photos and information with approval and thanks to Marianne van Lankvelt, Amigos International.

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