O nó Ato humano deliberado

BRAZIL and the terrible disease, the witch broom, that ravaged the cacao production of Bahia, the main cacao producing state.

In 1985, Brazil was the 3rd cacao producing country, but the disease had enormous and terrible consequences on the plantations, the cacao business, the lifes of thousands of people working there, on the economy of the region. It was not an accident of nature, but a disease inoculated by a group of people using it as a bio-weapon for political reasons.
The documentary O NO- ATO HUMANO DELIBERADO (the not, a delibarate act by humans) tells its story, filled with interviews- you may or not like the style of the filming and editing, but in all cases there is a lot to learn here.

Documentary produced by Dilson Araújo dos Anjos

De federale politie opent onderzoek naar vermeende dat cacao in Bahia is geknoeid click link voor meer

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