CHLOE chocolat PARIS
Last Monday I hade a rendez vous with Chloé Douttre Roussel, yes in Paris. We hade some chocolate to taste and in the hear future I could make chocolates with El Ceibo couverture Bolivia for her shop and events. Good news for us both and maybe for chocoholics in Paris and tourist to find out about the wondering taste of the El Ceibo products.
I do sell already the Fine dark chocolate bars and lots of my clients do appreciate the flavours and saveurs of Bolivia.

Now I follow also the Organic cocoa powder, they do not alkalinize there beans, as most brands do to obtain a deeper color and reduced acidity. They prefer a product that maintains its natural qualities to bring you a totally new experience.

100% Organic Cocoa Beans Cocoa Powder 250g / 8.50€

Fine dark chocolate 75% / 80g - 20g                                                  5.00€ - 1.50€
Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs & Uyuni salt 77% / 80g - 20g      5.00€ - 1.50€
Bolivian Specialty Coffee dark Milk Chocolate 60% / 80g - 20g  5.00€ - 1.50€
Heritage Cocoa Beans Limited Edition 75% / 80g - 20g                 6.00€ - 2.00€

Bars I follow in my shop
Chloé Doutre-Roussel 

For the first time I received the wonderfull tea of Chloé, I'm very greatful and thankful to her for giving me the unique oppertunity to sharing these wonderfull tea's to my clients.
You may drink them warm or cold its up to personal prefers.

CHLOE chocolat TEA: now exclusive in our shop.
No.1 Black: full bodied with subtle notes of chocolate and malt. A delicate tea, mellow and sweet.
No.2 Oolong: Milky and flowery. This elegant & comforting tea is delightfully, reminiscent of a creamy milk chocolate experience.    8.50€ / 60g-120g / 12.50€   

Honestly you should buy them already for the packaging ;-) come and have a taste in my shop.

SPECIAL THIS MONTH: BUYING ONE BAR AND ONE TEA is one bar of El Ceibo chocolate for free!


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