Our daughters enjoyed so much and will not forget it.

Nice visit of people from Israel, the first weekend of June.
It was a surprice to hear there where from Israel, (they where located in Gent for holiday) but wanted to visit Paris.
After finding my website and wanting to see how pastry was made they drop in Kortrijk.

I received some pictures from them now so take a look at the result:

Dear Sir and Madam,

It was a great pleasure to visit in your Chocoleteria
Our daughters enjoyed so much and will not forget it
We appreciate the interesting visit in your workshop
When you arrive to Israel, please contact us!
Attached the photos we have taken, you can locate them in your website under
the name of Noa and Dana


Noa, Dana, Ilana and Eyal

Eyal Tsur
Lesico Ltd.
152 Jerusalem Av. Holon 58827 Israel
Mobile: +972-54-4547310
Web site: www.Lesico.com

Thanks for the nice visit and I wish you and your family a good future and lots of nice prospects.
Geert Vercruysse


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