Madre chocolate Hawai, Delicious and Original Chocolate Bars Now Available

Our chocolate is now available at one of the most celebrated chocolatiers in Belgium, Patisserie Vercruysse (Share what is great and good in the world!). Thanks for all the support of bean-to-bar chocolate makers like us, Geert! We are honored to be carried in your shop with such great company and can't wait to see the amazing truffles you create with our chocolate.

This chocolate is made with cacao purchased directly from an organic farm cooperatives in Central America and Hawaii and crafted from bean to bar in small batches. Our processing preserves a high level of healthy antioxidants and provides a rich delightful flavor. At Madre Chocolate we use a selection of traditional fruits and spices of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, and Barra tribes of Central America that invented chocolate, to both celebrate their cultural heritage and bring you delicious original flavors that few have had the privilege of tasting…until now. All of our products are vegan and soy-free. Most chocolate has soy-lecithin in it as an emulsifier. Our chocolate does not, so it is fine for those who have soy allergies.

Delicious and Original Chocolate Bars Now Available

Dominican Single Origin Roasted € 6.00
Hibiscus € 6.00
Amaranth Crunch € 6.00
Xocoxochitl Chipotle Allspice € 6.00
Hamakua 70% Hawaiian € 7.75
Hamakua Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger € 7.75
Hamakua Passion Fruit € 7.75

Beyond Sustainable: bringing you cacao and chocolate direct from its roots, ecologically

David Elliott: Cofounder and Chocolate Production Manager Dave is a bicontinental chocolate maker, avid traveller, and promoter of all things delicious. After working on rural development and environmental justice issues in cacao growing regions of Ecuador and Bolivia for many years, He tasted many excellent, traditional drinking chocolates there, but couldn’t find a fine eating chocolate that gave testimony to Mexico’s long love story with cacao and he saw an opportunity. His excitement only grew when he saw the potential for a chocolate company with a social mission to make a positive impact on the lives of cacao farmers and their communities.

Nat Bletter: Cofounder and Chocolate Flavormeister Dr. Nat Bletter has 15 years of experience in botany, documenting exotic fruits and vegetables, gathering food in the wild, herbal and traditional medicine, and exploring Asia, South America, Central America, and Africa. He has a Ph.D. in Ethnobotany from the City University of New York and New York Botanical Garden, where he researched medicinal plants of Peru, Mali, and the Guatemalan Mayans, ethnobotany, taste-modifying plants, and stimulant plants such as cacao, which has spurred him to start a traditional-ingredient, high-antioxidant, artisinal chocolate company Madre Chocolate.

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